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What are 3D-visualizations?

3D-illustrations and 3D-visualizations are images that are created on the computer using digital 3D-objects. These 3D-models can be placed, edited, colored and combined with one another in the virtual third dimension as desired.


What are 3D-models?

These are volumetric objects that are created in virtual space. They are made up of a large number of contiguous faces, also known as polygons.
These 3D models can be colored, edited and exposed in order to present them as desired. Such objects are created in 3D programs such as Blender or Cinema4D . However, there are many other programs and applications that allow creating and editing.

Drahtgittermodell von Innenraum mit Hocker

What are the possibilities?

These are (almost) infinite. Various 3D programs offer different approaches to creating and manipulating 3D objects. Even the simplest tools of a 3D program enable an enormous variety of designs. The following examples are just the tip of the iceberg, but show the most important editing options.

Playing with the shape

Starting from a basic shape, the geometry can be reshaped, scaled and trimmed.

Playing with materials and colours

Various colours and materials can be assigned to the same 3D model in order to create the desired optical effect.

Playing with lights

Since we are not bound to physical conditions in the virtual world, complex and playful lighting situations can be represented.

Where are the areas
of application?

In addition to the exclusively virtually created 3D environments and 3D models, these can also be combined with other visual media. In the film they are known as VFX (visual effects). 3D objects can also be wonderfully combined with photography. One advantage over photography is that viewing angles and lights can be changed and adjusted with little effort, and variations can be quickly created and compared with one another.

Depending on the needs and what is to be visually communicated, 3D is used in various areas. Here is a list of the most popular areas of application:

Here is a more detailed an Article on "Designing with digital 3D". (only available in German)

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