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Floating chairs

The incentive for this small series of pictures was the unconventional representation of products. I decided to put chairs from Vitra in the limelight because I find the design extremely appealing. The 3D models are available for download on the Vitra website. Interior architects and interior designers can use them to design and develop their concepts. I used this to realize the product presentations shown.

Three rooms were created, each of which creates its own atmosphere. They all have a direct connection to space, where weightlessness is the norm. By floating the objects, they can be shown from different angles at the same time. Thus, the viewer is given additional information about the design language and the design of the chairs.

One challenge was to make the visualizations appear abstract, but not to distort the credibility of the objects too much. In the end, however, they have become very abstract, especially due to the high-contrast choice of colors.

Concept & 3D realization: Spacebar


Year: 2020

Design process

The following clay renderings show the geometry of the 3D objects without materials. It is easy to see that many details have been added through the materials and textures. This procedure is common in the 3D industry, as it saves tons of time and money without sacrificing quality.

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