Spacebar offers various solutions in the field of digital 3D. Here is an overview of the possibilities.



This type of visual implementation is ideal for presenting objects from the real world. For this purpose, 3D models are created, materialized and illuminated on the computer. This makes it possible to communicate content objectively, whether in the middle of the creation process or for the final presentation. The following elements are ideal for 3D-Visualizations:

  • Products such as furniture & consumer goods

  • Packaging and packshots

  • Architecture & interior design


This form of implementation also enables an emotional and poetic level to the classic 3D-visualization. By using all available 3D tools, surreal and abstract images can be created in order to convey complex messages visually. The creation process is similar to a 3D-visualization, only that the shape, the material and the light can be changed as desired. The following content is excellently supported by a 3D-illustration:

  • Key visuals

  • Communication of messages in an abstract form

  • Tell stories

  • Implement playful ideas



Moving pictures are fascinating. Whether a product is being presented or a story is being told, messages can be conveyed in a variety of ways with 3D animations.
Here, too, the entire bandwidth of the virtual space can be used. The possibilities range from the factual communication of an object to the playful representation of an idea.

  • Product presentations

  • Explanatory videos

  • Marketing content

  • Storytelling


3D animations can also be implemented in a striking way to achieve the effect of a 2D animation. This allows the perspective of digital space to be used as well as all tools
which are available for a 3D animation.

Some examples of this approach would be:


  • Animated logos

  • Motion graphics

  • Dynamic corporate design for the web and at exhibitions



On request, Spacebar can also create 3D data for further use in other areas. This includes the pure construction of digital 3D models - from individual objects to the clarification of entire exhibition stands. 3D models enable important clarifications of proportions, size relationships, ergonomics and user-friendliness before implementation and production. The data created are used, for example, in:

  • 3D-printing

  • Stereolithography

  • CNC milling

  • Creating prototypes

Interactive 3D

There are now many different solutions for presenting products or ideas interactively on a website. Such elements awaken the instinct to play and invite visitors to explore. These are great for the following ways:

  • Product presentation

  • Communication of ideas

  • Floor plans and navigation aids

  • Impressive presentations

...and now?

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Further offers in the field of virtual reality and the expansion of 3D interactions are currently still being set up. I am already looking forward to supporting you in the implementation of such projects in the near future.


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