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Spacebar offers solutions in the field of digital 2D and 3D.

3D visualizations

This medium is ideal for presenting objects and ideas. For this purpose, 3D models are created on the computer, materialized and illuminated. This makes it possible to communicate content in a variety of ways. No matter whether factual and elegant or playful and poetic. 3D visualizations are ideal for the following areas:

  • key visuals

  • product visualizations

  • Technical visualizations

  • Packaging / Packshots

  • architectural visualizations

  • 3D illustrations


3D animations

Moving pictures fascinate. Whether a product is presented or a story is told, messages can be conveyed in a variety of ways with 3D animations.
Here, too, the entire bandwidth of the virtual space can be used. The possibilities range from the factual communication of an object to the playful presentation of an idea.

  • product presentations

  • explainer videos

  • Marketing Content

  • storytelling

3D Ani

2D animation & motion design

Whether for moving logos, animated infographics, or explanatory videos - animated 2D can be used in different ways and enables informative and aesthetic communication.  The place of use is diverse and ranges from social media content on the web to advertising screens in public spaces!

  • Motion graphics

  • logo animations

  • explainer videos

2D Ani

Interactive 3D & AR

There are now many different solutions for presenting products or ideas interactively on a website. Such elements awaken the urge to play and invite visitors to discover. Augmented reality also enables interaction between the real and digital world. These tools are ideal for the following uses:

  • social media content

  • product presentation

  • communication of ideas

  • Floor plans and navigation aids

  • Involving the target group


3D modeling

On request, Spacebar also creates pure 3D data for further use in other areas. This includes the pure construction of digital 3D models - from individual objects to the implementation of entire exhibition stands. 3D models enable the clarification of proportions, size relationships, ergonomics and user-friendliness before implementation. The data created is used in:

  • 3D printing

  • Stereolithography

  • CNC milling

  • Model & prototype construction


3D courses in Blender

Virtual space is becoming increasingly important as a design medium. Whether as a classic 3D visualization for VR & AR or even for the Metaverse.
Because I see a lot of potential in this medium, I offer a basic course in Blender to introduce the curious to the world of 3D.

Blender is free and can be downloaded from the following link:

HKB-Schulung Spacebar.jpg
  • Universities

  • internal training

  • private lessons

  • On site or remote

3D Kurs


Do you have any further questions about 3D? Would you like to find out more about the possibilities for your project?


Simply contact my by email or phone .

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