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Studio for digital 3D
& motion design

Spacebar is a design studio for digital 2D and 3D with a focus on visualisations and animations.


Whether you are a communications expert, head of marketing or head of sales, Spacebar will help you realise your ideas and advise you on how to exploit their full potential.


Humberto Rapelli

Founder  |  3D-Artist  |  Product Designer

My focus is on offering graphic design offices and advertising agencies the opportunity to incorporate this medium into their design process.

As a trained technical draftsman and product designer, the enthusiasm for the third dimension has always accompanied me. Through my passion for form, whether physical or digital, I was able to gain valuable experience in various industries. Whether in aviation, when designing brackets for medical devices, as an architectural visualizer when creating competition images, or when designing furniture collections for international companies.

The virtual space opened up an additional playground for me in which I could develop further creatively. Since there are no physical limitations, ideas and worlds can be created out of nothing.


Do you have any further questions about 3D? Would you like to find out more about the possibilities for your project?


Simply contact my by email or phone .


+41 77 497 07 40


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