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Demoreal 2020

This animation was created to answer the following question: What are the potential uses of digital 3D for graphics agencies?

Of course, only a fraction of the possibilities are shown here. Above all, it should serve as inspiration and stimulate imagination.
Digital 3D is mainly known for creating images that are close to the real world. Due to the lack of physical laws, surreal and abstract ideas can also be implemented without any problems. A brief look at the concepts behind the scenes follows.

The concept

The headphones are a product presentation that illustrates how you can play with the material and the colors. The freedom consists in being able to effortlessly assign any materials such as stone, marble, moss and much more to the 3D object.

Business Cards
Who doesn't know the templates for presenting business cards and other corporate design documents? With your own 3D templates, individual design concepts are possible.

Since a 3D object can be doubled as often as required in virtual space, animations with a myriad of individual objects can be easily implemented.

The packaging often plays an equally important role in the presentation of a product. This can also be included in the animation in addition to the product itself.

This is a 3D cloth simulation in combination with typography. It is also about the interaction of 2D and 3D.

This playful typographic animation with geometric shapes is intended to show that you can give letters a lot more than just one thickness.

Do you prefer something with kitsch and shine? No problem either!

Rocking sculptures
The point here is to set playful objects in motion. The focus was on the exposure, the materials and the movement of the objects.

Abstract objects
2D and 3D can be ideally combined with one another to convey a desired visual impression.

The golden sphere
The Grande Finale shows a realistically designed scene with hard and static objects that change their plasticity in one fell swoop. The ability to manipulate the geometry gives you a lot of possibilities to design and change the 3D objects.

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