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Stairs & Bridges

It all started with a fascination for bridges, because they form the connection between two places and are constantly under tension. You can overcome the greatest gap with an elegant ease. In the animations, the connecting bridges are represented by moving stair elements.

The rooms and the architecture were designed in the style of brutalism. This architectural direction appears simple and imposing at the same time; With reduced forms, powerful structures can be created.

The design of the scenes should encourage the viewer to want to put themselves in these situations. Crossing the bridges should be safe at the same time, but also create a little thrill. The movements of the animated elements should appear organic and light at the same time. The free-floating elements also underline the surrealism of the concept.

To increase the visual dramaturgy, I used the contrast between the black staircase elements and benches and the bare and light concrete of the architecture. Some of the design elements were deliberately placed in order to give the viewer a better spatial feeling. The lighting played an important role, especially in the last shot.

It was very important to me to convey a mystical feeling with the pictures. The choice of music was crucial for this: The light and indefinable sounds create the perfect acoustic atmosphere to accompany the animations.

Music: Emmit Fenn

Year: 2020

Design process

The wireframe models of the individual scenes can be seen in the following images. These were taken directly from the 3D program.

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