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Architectural Visualizations

This is a selection of architectural visualizations of exterior and interior spaces. They were created during my employment as a 3D visualizer at STUDIO12 in Lucerne.

Architecture visualizations are mainly implemented for competitions and sales documents. The focus of the competitions is the visual communication of the architect's concept. For this, a great focus is placed on the integration into the environment, the proportions of the building and the relationship to the surrounding buildings. The materiality and color of the project also play an important role; some of the images may also be implemented in an abstract and painterly manner. First and foremost, the transport of the idea is in the foreground. Another advantage of using visualizations is the ability to give architecture laypeople an understandable impression of the concept.

In the case of sales images, i.e. visualizations that are used for brochures and posters, great importance is attached to implementing them with great attention to detail. The target group are potential customers who should see the property as realistically as possible; customers should know what they are buying.

Why a visualization and not a photography? It often happens that a property is open to purchase even though the building is still being diligently built. Thus, photographs would be impossible. In addition, true-to-scale furnishings in the visualization can better convey the room size.

Architectural visualizations for architectural competitions and sales images.


Ceated at: STUDIO 12
Clients: Various architectural firms

Copyrights: STUDIO 12 GmbH
Year: 2013 – 2015

Work: Project management, modeling, lighting, texturing, rendering and postproduction.

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