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Key visual

This key visual was created for Stadtbus Winterthur's offer strategy. It should visually support the vision and plans for the future of the city's public transport.

Several well-known landmarks of the city of Winterthur were created in digital 3D for the elaboration. These serve as a guide to identify where the bus routes are going and what should be planned. It was not important to make these to scale or to place them precisely geographically. Above all, the 3D objects should emphasize the recognition value of the city. The miniature world is thus symbolic in nature.

For the surface finish of the material, we decided to use a light paper texture. The matt surfaces create a soft material that is friendly and inviting.

The 3D animation is composed of two parts. The first part consists of building the elements. For this I used various classic techniques, including scaling, moving in and extruding the objects. The second part, however, consists of the loop, i.e. the endless loop of the animations. These can be seen, for example, when the gondolas commute, when the funicular railway gets on and off, or when the buses reappear and disappear. This enables the animation to run as long as necessary.

The fine-tuning, i.e. the graphic elements and the music, was added by the Partner & Partner agency.

Project: Stadtbus Winterthur

Client: Partner & Partner

Year: 2020

Key visual and animation are used as a visual support for the future strategy of Stadtbus Winterthur.


Modelierung, Materialization, Lighting, Postproduction, Animation & Compositing

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