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Packaging renderings

These 3D renderings of the iced tea packaging for the TeeGschwendner brand were created for the relaunch of the new flavors. They were used on various advertising materials, for example on posters in the shop windows. The renderings of the individual packages were mainly used as packshots on the website.

One requirement was to present the products as refreshingly as possible. To achieve this, small water droplets were distributed on the 3D object and the shine of the packaging material was additionally enhanced. The other requirement was that the product should be presented as naturally as possible. A detailed 3D model was created and textures with a high resolution were used.

Usually such packshots would be implemented with product photography. But because production was still in progress, there were no physical products that could be photographed. Since TeeGschwendner wanted to recruit the relaunch at the same time as the delivery of the products, it was not possible to use this medium for the time being. In parallel to production, the renderings and the associated advertising material were created so that the product and advertising could be launched at the same time.

Project: TeeGschwendner

Client: Partner & Partner

Concept and Design : Partner & Partner

Year: 2019

Work: modeling, materialization, lighting, compositing

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