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Scene illustrations

On the subjects of scenography, trade fair presence, signage and exhibition graphics, Spacebar was allowed to create 3D illustrations that represent these abstractly.

The requirement was not to use any clearly recognizable 3D objects such as chairs, lights, signposts, etc., but only shapes and surfaces that allow these terms to appear. It was thus possible to achieve that a visualization stands for the topic itself without being a composition of references.

The main objects were implemented in light and unsaturated shades in order to keep them subtle and to focus on the topic itself. In order to create a visual contrast, black elements and glowing spheres have been added. This should prevent the image from flowing together. The black elements as well as the glowing spheres give the viewer additional high-contrast points which they can use to orient themselves visually.

Project: Study

Client: Büro Haeberli

Design & Creation: Spacebar

Rights: Büro Haeberli & Spacebar


Year: 2019

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