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Summer MMXX

This 3D illustration was inspired by the design language of the Memphis Group. It was printed as a postcard and sent to customers and friends. To start the summer, I decided on ice cream as the main subject. Due to the golden material, it reaches a level of abstraction that would not be so easy to reproduce in the real world.

To create a clear contrast between the main object and the other objects in the scene, I used muted colors and simple geometric shapes. This made it possible to create a clear visual difference to the ice cream. The materials are therefore kept matt to make the gold stand out more.

Summer card for 2020.


Copyright: Spacebar

Year: 2020


Rotate   >  left mouse button + drag

Pan        >  right mouse button + drag

Zoom     >  Mouse Wheel

Design process

The illustration was created entirely in digital 3D. At the beginning I set up various 3D objects in order to try out different color and shape combinations. The proportions of the individual 3D objects were also important for the composition. The final size was then determined based on their respective position and the final viewing angle.

At first I wasn't sure which camera angle would be best. In the end, however, I decided on a classic frontal perspective in order to focus primarily on the objects and less on the room itself.

The light should initially play a more important part in the design. By casting clear and sharp shadows, it would add contrast throughout the image. However, since I opted for a deeper focus of the camera in the end, the shapes of the cast shadows would not have been clearly visible.


preliminary concepts

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