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Product presentation

IKEA Switzerland launched an advertising campaign focusing on business customers at the end of 2023 to the beginning of 2024. This campaign was conceived and designed by the talented team at the Zurich design agency Gestalten. Spacebar had the honour to realize their ideas as 3D animations and key visuals.

The concept was to combine well-known objects from IKEA with objects from everyday office life. The fusion between the office and IKEA was visually supported by a metamorphosis of two objects to match the respective slogan.

The 3D visualizations and animations were presented and broadcast on a large number of posters and ePanels throughout Switzerland.

Client: IKEA Schweiz AG

Creative direction and storyboard: gestalten

3D implementation and animation: Spacebar

Year: 2023 & 2024

3D animations

Behind the scenes

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