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Interior visualizations

These 3D visualizations of living spaces were created for the new range of floor coverings from Coop Bau & Hobby. In order to present the new range, the pictures were drawn up in the points of sale of various branches. In addition, the visualizations were printed on the labels of the packaging in order to inform the buyer about which product it was.

The aim of the visualizations was to show the floor coverings as naturally as possible, so that the buyers can imagine how they will look in the room.

The big challenge here was to recreate the various materials such as laminate, parquet, etc. In addition, a certain number of types of wood with different wood grains and surface treatments were added. In order to be able to meet all these requirements, I used a wooden floor generator for textures, which offers a myriad of setting options. So it was possible for me to recreate the textures of the wooden floors for the 3D visualizations according to the reference images.

Since the product range offers a certain breadth of quality differences, these should also be found in the premises. This is intended to address the different preferences and values of customers.

Project: Coop Bau & Hobby - POS

Client: Schwarzhochzwei

3D-realization: Spacebar


Year: 2019

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