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Product presentation

Belimed specialises in the sterilisation, disinfection and cleaning of medical and surgical instruments. They offer various product and service solutions for this and thus make an important contribution to the safety and health of patients and medical staff.

In cooperation with the Zurich designagency Freundliche Grüsse, Belimed has developed a presentation concept to show the individual advantages of the two products WD 290IQ and WD 390 in the right light. Freundliche Grüsse was responsible for the creative direction and created the storyboards for both 3D animations.

In collaboration with the agency, Spacebar was allowed to realise the product presentations in the form of 3D animations, a key visual and product visualisations.

The key visual arose from the idea of communicating the large capacity of the facilities in a clear way. For this purpose, a large number of medical and surgical instruments were neatly distributed on one surface. The visualisation was created completely in digital 3D.


Creative direction and storyboard: Feundliche Grüsse

3D implementation and animation: Spacebar

Year: 2022

3D animations

For the animation of the WD 390 product, the focus was on communicating on an emotional level. In the first part of the video, the large capacity of the system is conveyed, similar to the key visual. In the second part, the unique advantages of the system come to the fore. In addition, the music plays an important role in conveying the product more emotionally.


The enormous variety of configurations of the WD 290IQ product should be clearly communicated in the 3D animation. For this purpose, the most important combinations are shown one after the other by flying in or replacing the corresponding elements.

Product visualizations

Various product visualisations were created for the WD 290IQ product catalogue to inform and inspire potential customers of the enormous variety and flexibility of the product solutions. The focus was on creating clear and concise 3D visualisations

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