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"Our heart pumps for you"

In order to be able to differentiate itself more strongly from its competitors, the company a3 Betonpumpen AG turned to the agency Komplizen. A key visual should be created that is unique to the company.
The company's main business is to rent concrete pumps to the construction industry. So the challenge was to find an image that reflects pumping with passion. In order to get the message across, the concept was born from the combination of a heart - the human pump - and the aesthetics of your concrete pump fleet. The matching slogan "Our heart pumps for you" supports the double meaning of the 3D-visualization.

A second 3D-visualization was created for the company's 50th anniversary. This shows the number "50" in the same visual language as the heart. At the same time, the existing brochures were visually adapted to the key visuals.

Spacebar was allowed to develop and implement the concepts together with the agency in digital 3D.

Client: a3 Betonpumpen AG

Concept & creation: Komplizen

Implementation in 3D: Spacebar

Copyright: Komplizen & Spacebar


Year: 2020

The creation process

A sketch was created as a visual representation of the idea and as a first reference point for the structure in the 3D program. It served as a communication basis for the direction of the basic shape and the details. In addition, the design direction was specified on the basis of reference images.

Skizze und Konzept von mechanischem Herz

In the first design phase it was primarily about finding the basic shape of the object. Inspired by the company's sketch and machines, three designs were created. They were used to estimate which of the three volume sketches most convincingly embodied the idea of the mechanical heart.

In the second step, elements were taken from the three drafts and newly combined with one another. The result was a new design that best reflected the basic idea. The decision was made not to abstract the heart too much and to lean the design closer to an anatomical heart. Furthermore, color variants were tried out on the new design; In doing so, we rely on the key colors of the company's corporate design.

Konzept in 3D eines mechanischen Herzens

In the last phase, a large number of small details were added. The heart was supplemented with screws, rivets and hydraulic elements. These give the design a realistic component, even though it is a fantasy object.

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