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3D Museum Fantastyca

The starting point for the project was the question: What could a virtual museum look like?

This project is a digital experience of a walk through a virtual 3D museum. You play as a visitor: in and stroll through four different rooms, each of which presents a unique theme. Visitors can admire various exhibits. These were converted from their physical form into a digital 3D model.

I implemented this virtual 3D museum to gain experience in the world of interaction design. I see a lot of potential in terms of virtual spaces. Not only because you are able to create imaginative places, but also to share ideas and projects with everyone in the world.

Virtual rooms in games or in the Metaverse are not only entertaining, but can also offer people with limited mobility the opportunity to experience new places.

An interactive room can be used in many ways. This example is just one way of presenting exhibits. It could also be used to showcase a new product, furniture or even fashion collection.

This is certainly not a substitute for a real exhibition, but this medium can be used as an additional presentation tool or as a teaser.

The Creation

First, I started with the layout. For this I created a 2D sketch to roughly divide the different areas. Then I built the architecture in Blender and created the UV maps from the geometry. These are necessary in order to be able to materialize the objects correctly later in the game engine. The finished 3D models were then imported into the game engine Unity.

I chose Unity because it is extremely user-friendly and you can learn the structure of the program quickly. Since I have no programming language experience, Unity's BOLT visual programming language is a great alternative. In this way I was able to recreate almost anything I wanted.

Looking for a relaxing walk in a virtual place?

It can be downloaded for free from and the duration of a visit is around 5 to 10 minutes.

Studio project

Year: 2021

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