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Process animation

This 3D animation shows the design and implementation process of the VonVorteil agency in an abstract and playful way. The idea was to represent the individual sections of the process as independent mechanical units. It shows how a web project goes through different phases until it finally reaches its final form.

The sequence

A project in the form of a red sphere emerges from the cylinder on the left; this is then passed on for analysis. This phase is represented in such a way that the project, i.e. the sphere, is broken down as fragments into individual parts. These are visible as soon as they slide down through the glass volume.

Then it goes on to the mechanical composition, in which a concept is created from the individual elements. The concept is shown here as a glass ball with a visible core. The project now only consists of the essentials, i.e. the core essence.

Now the design phase comes into play. The project takes on different shapes and colors. This reflects the iterations of the design process. It then slides through the rings into the technical department. This is where the ideas and the design for the real website or application are implemented.

Finally, the finished project, represented here by a three-dimensional plus, is released into the wide world of the Internet.

In addition to the animation, the individual mechanical elements were used separately as key images for the respective phases on the website.

Project: VonVorteil

Clients: Komplizen GmbH & 1UP

Concept by: Komplizen GmbH

Design & realization by: Spacebar

Copyright: Komplizen GmbH & Spacebar


Year: 2018

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