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A heart for children

The city run takes place in Basel every autumn. At least that was the case until 2019. For this run, the Basler Kantonalbank launched a donation campaign: They donated CHF 5 to the Foundation for Children with Cancer for every runner who crossed the finish line with a glowing heart on. These hearts were received a few weeks earlier in the branches of the BKB and they are about 3 × 4 cm in size.

To point out the action, Spacebar was allowed to implement the hearts as 3D renderings and present them in a flashing animation. This was broadcast on the screens of the BKB branches and used in various other advertising media.

There were two reasons for implementing the heart as a 3D object: On the one hand, there were difficulties in filming it correctly or photographing it flashing, and on the other hand, it was possible to use the 3D model for further campaigns. This gives the agency enormous freedom of design when developing new concepts for the following years, as the 3D model can be viewed and displayed from all sides.

Project: Basler Stadtlauf 2019

Project for: Basler Kantonalbank

Concept & Design: Wendepunkt

Visualization & Animation: Spacebar

Year: 2019

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