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This short 3D animation was created to show the potential of digital 3D in the area of product presentation. The focus was on creating objects and materials that were as realistic as possible and immersing them in a surreal world. I achieved the latter through the animated spheres that defy the law of gravity. This is how the title of the project came about. 

First, I sketched out some ideas of what the design of the vases could look like. After combining the designs with the concepts of weightless spheres, I decided which of the shapes were best suited for the 3D animation. The final shape was worked out in virtual space, where I could work better on the proportions and details. This allowed me to check and adjust the proportions of the vases and their relationship to the spheres.

Internal project

Image rights: Spacebar

Music: Glacier by Patrick Patrikios


Year: 2021

The color palette was created out of the four basic colors. The hue and saturation have been adjusted to give it an earthy tone. In combination with the terrazzo texture, they got their final look.

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