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"It's ice cream time"

For Auto Moser AG in Horw, the agency Komplizen created the flyer for changing tires for the summer season. To tune in the warm season and to attract car owners, they used an ice cream as their main motif. The two subjects ice cream and tire were combined with one another by a fold-out flyer. They can both be seen on the front, but the tire is only fully visible when it is opened.

For this purpose, Spacebar was allowed to create the subjects as 3D visualizations. The two objects should be able to be placed on top of each other in such a way that the flyer can be folded. With the ice cream, the challenge was to imitate the crystal-like layer of ice on the surface in order to convey the credibility of the idea.

To personalize the tire, a black and white texture was created with the company's logo and then used as a bump texture. Thus, three-dimensional details can be added without having to model them in the 3D object. This enables a quick design and flexible adaptation of surface structures.

To round off the concept, customers were given a real ice cream when they changed tires.

Client: Auto Moser AG

Concept & creation: Komplizen

Photography: Komplizen

Implementation in 3D: Spacebar

Copyright: Komplizen & Spacebar


Year: 2021

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