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Concrete with sustainability

a3 Betonpumpen AG launched a new type of hydrogen-powered vehicle for its core business. In order to draw attention to this innovation in a more targeted way, they decided to create a key visual in collaboration with the Lucerne agency Von Vorteil to promote the new product in a more targeted way. To this end, an abstract depiction of a trailer was to be created that would use humour to draw attention to the sustainable and environmentally friendly benefits of such a device.

Client: a3 Betonpumpen AG

Concept & creation: Von Vorteil

Implementation in 3D: Spacebar

Year: 2023

The creation process

A sketch of the concept served as the starting point for the realisation. Various versions of the basic idea were realised as volume sketches in the 3D programme in order to determine the possible direction of the design. These served as a basis for determining the basic shape. In a further step, the colours and details were defined and worked out. The vehicle was thus unmistakably designed in the aesthetics of the corporate design of a3 Betonpumpen AG.

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